Technology changing Teaching?

In the 21st century, Technology has changed the ways in which we communicate and go about our lives. Very few educators would disagree with the notion that technology has dramatically changed the teaching and learning process. Dr.Katherine McKnight and the help from few teachers to list a few things that help support why technology changing teachers teaching and students learning. Communication evolution because we text, students have learned a dialect that we don’t always understand. Students communicate in many different modalities as a result of technology. Poster Boards a thing of the past. Web 2.0 tools like Glogster have changed this experience. Glogster is a platform where students can create a multimedia or poster to demonstrate what they know and understand about a topic. Interactive textbooks today textbooks today textbooks often have web-based sites that included assessments, animations, additional materials, videos, and other materials to support the learning of new content. EBooks becoming more prevalent in schools with the advancements of EBooks and tablet computers. In the rear future that students won’t carry around big bulky backpacks filled with heavy textbooks. Technology changing the sports coaching world in various of ways. Increased player retention once the player leaves practice, there is very little communication between the player and the coach, which can lead to a player losing interest. Retention can dramatically increase by uploading notes and voice over lessons of your player’s machines and game-play strategy to online coaching platform. This way the players can easily review your feedback with a player online, a whole world of opportunities open up;) There is a lucky group of coaches who’s schedules are packed full of lessons during the work day and have to turn players down until a later date for in-person training. This group of coaches will be able to better monetize their players by offering online lessons and give their voice-recorded or typed notes review of a player’s performance after the workday is over. The day will come soon when a coach wakes up and has 5-10 online lessons waiting for his review online.

Do’s & Don’t Social media

Social media is a place on the internet were you put information for friends to see. There’s all can of social media like Facebook, twitter and etc. Social media confirming your page on the website like your I.D, date of birth, mobile number, Address, and many more might not be required if you just create a password. Don’t give apps permission before verifying. Be selective when adding friends. Don’t use inappropriate language and stop and think before you click or agree with apps. Don’t make online all about you. Don’t mix personal messages with wall a post. In order to protect your computer from vires use fully protected your computer. Social media is everywhere learn the Does and don’t to best protect failure.

My Philosophy of Education

     Education is the main source of knowledge and should be handed down through out generations. I believe that education should be looked as a desire to acquire all possible knowledge, not as a requirement or something that can be formally examined by standardized tests. Learning can take place in numerous ways and being able to encourage students to learn as much as possible for each student. Many methods of instructions is the most effective way od teaching to these various ways of learning. Working together as a group, hands-on actives, buddy work, etc. Assessment of students should follow the same idea. Whenever student get the chance to perform on different assessments, they can adequately show their strengths and weakness. Sometimes reply on tests only to assess the students in class. Some types only assessment that I think should be included in a classroom, the students will form a sense of togetherness. This will eventually create a community within the classroom. Without education a mind is a  trouble thing it to waste.